Upcoming Tor Browser 10.5 will further improve the user experience with automatic connection

Taking the feedback from the users, the Tor Project has informed that, the upcoming Tor Browser 10.5 will further improve the user experience, with automatic Tor network connection, and bridge suggestions.

tor browser 10.5 will further improve the user experience

Over the past few years, the Tor UX team was constantly focusing on user experience in the journey starting from discovering tor, downloading, installing, running, and browsing. Towards this goal, the team has made several changes in the previous release which included, rebranding the entire product, fixing legacy issues, and redesign the way of reaching legacy sites.

Despite all these improvements, the users continue to report, starting the browser for the first time is a really painful and confusing experience. On starting the browser, it will first launch a window in which users can configure bridge servers if needed, or they can proceed to connect without any bridge server. Various studies conducted by the Tor team also confirm the Tor starting is a bit confusing and painful.

The Tor development team is working on enhancing the user experience while connecting to the Tor network. With the proposed changes, the Tor Launcher UI will be removed when connecting to Tor for the first time and on subsequent uses. The browser will connect to the network automatically, and the connection status will be shown in the browser itself. Also, if the user is located in a region with censorship, tor browser will automatically detect the same and will provide the required instructions.

Improved work flow planned for upcoming Tor 10.5 release

The user experience improvement while connecting to the Tor network will be introduced in upcoming Tor Browser 10.5 release. The Tor Browser 10.5 release will be coming later in this month.

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